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Module 1: Introduction to Tailwind CSS

Lesson 1: What is Tailwind CSS?

Welcome to our first lesson on Tailwind CSS! This is a utility-first CSS framework used to rapidly build custom user interfaces. Unlike traditional CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation, which offer pre-designed components, Tailwind allows you to build a unique design from scratch without leaving your HTML file.

Consider traditional CSS like buying a house. You have some ability to customize it, but changing anything substantial involves a lot of work. Tailwind CSS, on the other hand, is more like building your own house. You have total freedom to design your dream house, but it involves a bit more work up front.

Lesson 2: Setting Up Your Development Environment

Before we start coding, we need to set up our development environment. To use Tailwind CSS, we need Node.js and npm installed on our computer. Node.js is a JavaScript runtime that lets us run JavaScript on our server, and npm is a package manager for Node.js.

If you don't have Node.js and npm installed, you can download them from here.

Once you have Node.js and npm installed, you can set up a new project with Tailwind CSS. Here are the commands to run:

# Create a new directory for your project
mkdir tailwindcss-course
cd tailwindcss-course

# Initialize a new npm project
npm init -y

# Install Tailwind CSS
npm install tailwindcss

These commands create a new directory for your project, initialize a new npm project, and install Tailwind CSS.

Lesson 3: Understanding Tailwind CSS Syntax

Now that we have Tailwind CSS installed, let's understand its syntax. Tailwind CSS uses utility classes to style your HTML. A utility class is a CSS class that serves a specific purpose or does a specific thing.

For example, to set the font size of a text, you can use the .text utility with the size like this:

<p class="text-lg">This is a large text.</p>

In the example above, .text-lg is a utility class that sets the font size to large. Tailwind CSS has many such utility classes for almost all CSS properties.

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